Dimitri Ustinov was a russian politician who became extremely wealthy thanks to his leading activity on a gangster fraternity. He refused to accept any regulation of his business and publicly expressed his disagreements with the Russian government. For that reason, he was assassinated by Matorin during Dominika's first operation for the SVR.


Red Sparrow Edit

Dimitri Ustinov had the third biggest fortune of Russia. He was a politician in the Kremlin and he was also one of the leaders of a fraternity of gangsters, having profited billions of dollars in the years after the Cold War. Yet, Ustinov felt his business would be harmed by the government's new regulations. At a TV show in Moscow, he spoke his mind and offended the prime minister Vladimir Putin. That wasn't the first time he publicly expressed his disagreements with the Russian government, but from that moment on, he became an enemy.

Three months later, he met Dominika Egorova at the television station. Not aware that she was working for the SVR, Ustinov called her for a date. Later on that week, he met Dominika in a fancy restaurant to have dinner. He couldn't hide his attraction to her, so he invited the young woman to his apartment in the Arbat District. His apartment's building followed a neoclassical architecture and its luxurious interior was covered in italian marble and famous paintings such as Picasso's.

Ustinov dismissed his security guards so he could be alone with Dominika and headed to his bedroom. He served her cognac and opened the skylight, from which they could see the stars in the sky. While the two layed in Ustinov's rotative bed, a man wearing black slowly desdended from the skylight. Ustinov couldn't see the assassin because he was over Dominika, facing her. By his back, Matorin strangled Ustinov using a wire. Ustinov died that night over Dominika's bloodied body.

Physical description Edit

As Ustinov is described in the novel, he is tall and strong, his full hair is black and his jaw is quadrangular. He wears fancy smokings and expensive watches. In the Red Sparrow film tough, he is portrayed by Kristof Konrad, who has light hair.

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