Dominika is one of the main protagonists in Red Sparrow Trilogy by Jason Matthews. She became a spy for Russian intelligence service after a severe injury on her feet that ruined her prodigious career as a ballerina.


Early life Edit

Dominika Egorova was born in Moscow, only child of professor Vassily Egorov and former musician Nina Egorova. Since very young Dominika was interested in music and dancing, at age 5 she could memorize and hum Tchaikovsky songs. Her talent got the attention of her parents who later found out by a psychologist that Dominika had synesthesia attributs, which means she could see colors on sounds, letters or numbers. Her synesthesia attributs would have a beneficial effect on Dominika's intuition later in her life.

Life as a Ballerina Edit

At age 10, Dominika applied to a position for the Moscow State Academy of Choreography. Although she didn't have any technique or fomal education, her intense performance impressed the juries and convinced them she had a natural gift for ballet. As a dedicated student and passionate patriot, Dominika had excellent grades till the very end of her education and was very active in the political studies at the Academy. At 18 years old she became the coordinator of the political studies of her group, which bothered her parents.

In her early twenties, Dominika was chosen as the leading dancer of her class. By that time she got used to the colors of her synesthesia and was prepparing for the annual audition for Bolshoi Ballet. Her unanimous talent got the attention of Sonya Moroyeva, a 22 years old ballet student who craved for a promotion. Intending to sabotage Dominika's career, Sonya convinded her boyfriend Konstantin to injure Dominika's foot at their regular practicing. When working in pairs, Konstantin intentionally stepped hard on Dominika's foot, causing a Lisfranc Injury that paralyzed her career. Dominika realized the accident was actually planned by Sonya thanks to the girl's guilty face, but she decided not to delate the couple.

Right after this catastrophic event, Dominika was surprised once again. This time, the bad news was not related to her career. Vassily Egorov had an CVA and died on his way to the hospital. Attending her father's funeral in the Egorov's apartment, Dominika met her uncle Vanya. Vanya Egorov wasn't close to his brother or his family, but he offered Dominika a job for the Secret Service (SVR). In exchange, Vanya promised their apartment wouldn't be taken from her mother, now a widow. Dominika considered the offer outrageous given their situation, but she accepted it without knowing any details about the job.

Two days later, Dominika went back to the academy to talk to the doctor and take her belongings. She was no longer a ballerina of Moscow State Academy of Choreography. Sitting in a bench, she saw Sonya and Konstantin heading to the steam room. Dominika realized the rumors about their relationship were true, so she followed the couple seeking for revenge. She knew sexual intercourses were prohibited at the academy, so she got the staff's attention by opening a window and turning the lights on. A few minutes later, the governess caught Sonya and Konstantin naked on the steam room. Dominika felt proud of her successful revenge, yet surprised by her own cold blood.

Life as a Spy Edit


Physical Description Edit

As described in the novels, Dominika has an athletic and elegant body, thanks to her early life as a ballerina. She has brown hair and full lips. Working as an spy, Dominika often wears social blouses and skirts. The hair is usually tied on the top of the head. Although in the movie adaptation Dominika appears blond at some point, that actually doesn't happen in the Red Sparrow book. The changes on her hair color might be related to the fact that Jennifer Lawrence is a natural blond.

Synesthesia Edit