Jason Matthews is the author of the Red Sparrow Trilogy.

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Matthews is a retired officer of the CIA’s Operations Directorate. Over a thirty-three-year career he served in multiple overseas locations such as the Soviet–East Europe, East Asian, Middle Eastern, and Caribbean. As Chief in various CIA Stations, he collaborated with foreign partners in counterproliferation and counterterrorism operations. He lives in Southern California.[1]

He worked with his wife Suzanne, who is also a retired CIA officer. Their two daughters were raised in many countries thanks to their overseas careers.[2] Back then, his colleagues at the CIA used to comment on how good his cables were, "saying he should be a writer". [3]

Retired from the agency, Jason Matthews wrote his first novel, the best-seller Red Sparrow, released in 2013. The rights for Red Sparrow were sold to the 20th Century Fox even before its release date[2] and Matthews worked as a technical advisor for the Red Sparrow movie, providing authentic prospects to the spycraft scenes of the film.[4]

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