In order to keep everything organized and flowing, we recommend you to follow the Red Sparrow Wiki guidelines. If you're new to Wikia, don't worry! You'll have plenty of time to learn how to build nice articles and Wikia has an amazing help section. If you have any doubts, you can search for keywords or contact the admins.

We understand that learning and helping is a constant process of any community. Feel free to contact the admins and post at the Discuss page whenever you need to. But for now, this is what you need to know:


1. Find sources


When writing new articles, we recommend that you check if the informations are matching the official sources, such as the Red Sparrow books and movie. We don't need a severe regulation or academic writing in this wiki, but we do appreciate some dedication on the research. So if possible, you might consider having the book in hands while writing the articles ;)

2. Be the writer


There are many ways of updating the wiki with new information, but you rather post content writen by you. In other words: avoid "copy and paste" and do not submit any content that is copyrighted without permission of the copyright holder. If needed, you can import content from Wikipedia (see the CIA page for example).

Important: To understand how licensing works, please read this page!

3. ­Post your references


Referencing your sources is also a very important step not only to avoid copyright issues, but to inspire credibility to the content you're posting. So whenever you write an information that you've read in another website, just post the referece link! (Check Jason Matthews awards section, for example).

You can also use a specific text from another website as a quote. See an example below from Dominika's page:

About the synesthesia, author Jason Matthews says: [1] [link will appear by the end of the page]
I felt Dominika needed another dimension so I researched and found synesthesia as a way for her to read colors and moods. Synesthesia is a real condition but does not include seeing colors around people's heads.
Need help? This article might help you.

Community thinking


The Red Sparrow Wiki is part of a community made of editors and admins that share the same interest of writing and organizing as much information as possible about the Red Sparrow Trilogy. Even though building knowledge about this media is our main goal, we must remember that our work depends on mutual communication and respect.

We ask you please, to assume good faith. For instance, whenever you disagree with any editing, use the comment sections of each page or try to contact people involved in it, so you can understand the edits and share you opinions. There is no need to insult, bully or disrespect other people; be civilized.

Suggested reading: Assuming good faith

Oh, just one more thing. Please, don't forget... have fun!