The Kon Institute, commonly known as Sparrow School, is a fictional institution, part of the SVR. Its purpose is to train russian officers how to become "honey traps", using their bodies to steal secret information from their targets.

Ideology and methods Edit


Real-world background Edit

The Sparrow School was inspired by a real state school, active around the decades of 60's and 70's in Russia [1]. The use of sex and intimacy to steal diplomatic secrets is called "Honey trapping" or "Sexpionage". Although this method is often associated to pop culture, honey trapping is part of real life as well. [2]

In real life, male agents trained by this school were called "Ravens", while female agents were called "Swallows".[2] Nevertheless, author Jason Matthews thought it would sound better if he changed the word "Swallow" to "Sparrow". [3]

Trivia Edit

  • The Sparrow School building seen in the film is called Festetics Castle[4] and it is a tourist spot located in Dég (Hungary) [5].

References Edit

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