Trish Forsyth is a character from the Red Sparrow film. She works for the CIA as Chief of the Budapest Station.


Red Sparrow filmEdit

At the Budapest Station, Trish worked with Nate Nash after his reassigment from Moscow. While Deputy Chief Marty Gable was opposed to it, Trish accepted Nate's idea and allowed him to approach Dominika Egorova as an asset.

Trish was present in Dominika's interrogatory and leaded her operation to avoid Senator Stephanie Boucher of selling secret information to the SVR. Along with Nate, she monitored Dominika's meeting with Boucher and Maxim Volontov through hiding cameras in their hotel room. Realizing Dominika had troubles switching Boucher's slop disks with fake ones, Trish acted as if she was part of the hotel's staff and knocked at their door so Dominika could win more time to switch the disks.

In literatureEdit

Trish Forsyth does not appear in the novels, as the Chief of Station from the Red Sparrow books is Tom Forsyth. The film production haven't stated if both characters are supposed to be related, but since Tom is not mentioned through the film, it is more likely that they changed the character's gender from male to female.