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  • LucyJeveux

    Italian online store Cinemuseum sells itens for collectors such as steelbooks and limited editions. In June, the store started to sell their monthly exclusives. July's release is Red Sparrow, with a Lenticular Full Slip.

    Pre orders started four days ago (on 07/07/2018), but unfortunately the 200 units are all gone.

    The official release will be between 22-25 of August, so if you are a collector maybe you'll be able to buy it from a different website/seller by then. 

    This collection contains:

    • WWA Steelbook
    • Photobooklet (32p.)
    • 4x Postcards
    • Exclusive CM ART on back
    • Lenticular Full Slip
    • Special Gift


    Another exclusive collection is the Fullslip Steelbook by Korean store WeET Collection .

    According to their Facebook , the pre orders started on July 8 but yo…

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  • LucyJeveux

    I have good news for readers who enjoy digital books! As I mentioned before in my previous blog post, the Red Sparrow film will be released for Blu-Ray and other medias on May 22nd. On the same day Scribner will release an eBook Boxed Set of the Red Sparrow Trilogy. Which means readers will be able to buy the three novels in a single collection.

    If you're insterested, you can pre-order the collection on Amazon .

    So far, the collection is only available in English (unfortunately), but I'll keep this blog updated as soon as I hear any news regarding the release of the collection in other languages.

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  • LucyJeveux

    May 22nd is the date! The film's official Twitter confirmed today the release date of Red Sparrow in 4k, Blu Ray and DVD medias. So if you're interested, you can pre-order it on Amazon now.

    According to TheHDRoom , the 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray version contains the following bonus content:

    • A New Cold War: Origination and Adaptation
    • Agents Provocateurs: The Ensemble Cast
    • Tradecraft: Visual Authenticity
    • Heart of the Tempest: On Location
    • Welcome to Sparrow School: Ballet and Stunts
    • A Puzzle of Need: Post-Production
    • Director Commentary by Francis Lawrence
    • 10 Deleted Scenes (With Optional Commentary by Francis Lawrence)
    • Movies Anywhere Digital Code

    The website also shows an alternative cover for the 4k Blu-ray disc:

    Any news related to the Red Sparrow releases and m…

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